Something to Fear

We all fear something, whether it be spiders, snakes or something outrageous like mustard and pickles. Some of you fear each other and a lot of you Fear Our Upcoming Rise (F.O.U.R.).  This web-blog was started today by four lovely individuals: Aaliyah Brown, Ashante Roddy, Chanita Greene(me) and Za’Chary Fisher. With a goal of voicing our different opinions and showing you we all have insight on what is going on in the world today. Not only do we want to do that but we also want to render our audience with something exceptional.

“Something exceptional like what?” you ask. KNOWLEDGE. We all know KNOWLEDGE is power but did you know it is the antidote for fear. It is difficult to fear something when you know everything about including its’ weakness.

“Why should we fear your rise?” I’m glad you asked. Our hearts are brimming with ambition and we have a thirst to be successful. F.O.U.R. has dreams and aspirations not only to make it out of the city but to come back and be able to attend to a community that motivated us to become fruitful. Several of you are probably scared and fearful of your own rise which is probably why you haven’t had the courage to pursue your dreams. Make your way to getting the tools you need to be successful and have others fearful of your rise too. Before you’re 45 at your mom’s spot like, “Damn. F.O.U.R. really did come up. Why didn’t I hop on?”

Okay I’m done preaching I promise but definitely get hipped to F.O.U.R. Learn what it stands for, read and learn what we stand for and most importantly educate yourself so you too can be on the rise. By the way people really are scared of mustard and pickles, don’t act like you never watched Maury.

With Love,


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Snapchat: FashionPhenomen

I need to be more consistent. Lol.tumblr_ncds6pwkZN1suodz7o1_400


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