Zendaya for Galore

The press is also throwing shade at Zendaya like she isn’t the shit. Zendaya is a Oakland, California native, with a fresh face that Disney loves. She posed for Galore Magazine recently and they covered her story. Zendaya spoke out about racist comments aimed towards her and her new Disney show¬†KC Undercover.¬†Zendaya is a talented indivual, she acts, sings, dances, and models at the age of 19 and carries herself with class unlike other chicks *cough* Kylie Jenner.

With Love, Chanita

Dress: Maria Luia Hohan Jacket: Fausto Puglisi Belt:The Way We Wore Shoes: Ruthie Davis Necklace: Vivienne Westwood


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Boots: Ruthie Davis Jewelry: Jennifer Fisher Necklace:Puma Hat: Bernard Chicago Belt: The Way Wore
Styled by Zendaya
Coat: Tart Bandeau: American Apparel Necklace: Chanel





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