Tumblr Find: Tony Wuu Collection, Accessories for Men

Where are all my business men, church men, corporate men, and my male fashion enthusiasts? This Tumblr Find post is for you well dressed gentlemen. Tony Wuu Collection provides ties, lapel pins, bracelets and pocket squares for men who enjoy being fashionable. I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction so take a look at his website where you’ll find things for as cheap as $10. His work is well crafted, handmade and unique. As mentioned on his website a portion of every item purchased is given to ROOTS Technology, to provide individuals with the tools they need to learn computer programming skills. He also has a $19.99 a monthly plan which includes: a handmade tie and a handmade lapel pin. Contact Tony Wuu via email at TonyWuuCollection@gmail.com and follow him on all social platforms.

Instagram: TonyWuuCollection

Twitter: TonywuuC

Snapchat: Tonywuuc

With Love & An Exquisite Find, Chanita

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