Tumblr Find: Aja Monet, Poet

I fell in love with Tumblr in 2009, I can find just about anything on that site. I recently found a lovely poet by the name of Aja Monet speaking about the first time she hated a cop. I could very much relate to this topic and it drew me in. At a young age a grew this hatred for police because of the way I saw them treat my family and friends in the neighborhood. Police brutality hasn’t gotten any better either, it’s gotten much worse, seems like this is the new Jim Crow era. #BlackLivesMatter seems to be posted on every social site while we constantly fight for justice for the many black people done wrong by our own law enforcement. Aja Monet is a very inspirational individual and I want you guys to check out this video of  The First Time She Hated A Cop.

With Love and Remembering All The Lives We Lost To Police Brutality, Chanita


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