Hot Couple: Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj For GQ Magazine

 After watching the All Eyes On Me video I grew this weird attraction to Omeeka, their relationship seemed genuine even though they got together after Nicki dumped SB. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj did an interview for GQ Magazine and reading this I couldn’t stop smiling, thinking to myself,  ‘damn can I find a bae like this.’  Must be nice, huh Omeeka? So after I read the interview, and watch the video clip of them touching and counting money in the limo, I took a look at their pictures where they both were dressed for a night out. Meek’s stylist for this shoot is still unknown but photographer Ellen von Unwerth captured the moment perfectly. I think I might go out and buy an October issue of GQ.

meek-nicki-gq-2015-03 meek-nicki-gq-2015-01 meek-nicki-gq-2015-06 meek-nicki-gq-2015-02 meek-nicki-gq-2015-04 meek-nicki-gq-2015-09 meek-nicki-gq-2015-05 meek-nicki-gq-2015-07With Love, Chanita

Source: GQ



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