Future for XXL

With two No. 1 albums in one year and several sold out tours this past year, Future joins XXL Magazine and talks about, the Meek and Drake beef, split parenting, and how he isn’t shy anymore. It’s so crazy how Future came to his recent triumphant success, and it didn’t happen overnight.When you look back at his career you see he’s come along way from Astronaunt Status and Streetz Calling, from joint mixtapes with Gucci to a joint No.1 selling album with Drake, 2015 Forbes list title-holder.

In his interview he even talks about how he came up with the hook for Thought It Was A Drought.  Long story short his grandmother has the famous flip flops and doesn’t even know it. I love the fact that Future is opening up more and letting his fans get to see him outside the music. Back in the day you couldn’t find much on this Atlanta native XXL named The Trap King. You have to get the magazine for the full interview but XXL was kind enough to give us some excerpts and behind the scene footage. He was definitely channeling his inner Jimmy Hendrix. Of course I have photos too, your welcome.

With Love, Chanita





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