7 Turnoffs For Women

First, let me just say there are more than 7 turnoffs that I came up with but I didn’t want to bombard you all with more because you know the guys will start to get offended, say i’m nagging and blah blah blah. Please be advised that these 7 things may be something you do and if you switch up you just might be able to get a chick or even keep her. Guys, don’t hate me for this, then again I don’t really care, I’m just being honest. Ladies, feel free to join the discussion, by commenting below.



I never understood the reason behind sagging beside its prison meaning. When people did find out it still didn’t change much, it seemed they pull their pants up half an inch. Sagging below your bottom is ridiculous, like we really need to see your whole a$$. Guys say ‘females are thirsty to show off their Pink’  but they walk around showing off their Tommy and marked down Marshall’s Ralph Lauren boxers. Grown men have no business exposing themselves in such ways.



There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and having self value. It becomes a problem when you start to overly express that value and worth to others. Self value is evident in appearance obviously but it is also seen in one’s personality. Don’t be a KANYE. There isn’t going to be enough room in a relationship for you, your ego and your girlfriend.



If you stink, please save yourself the time and embarrassment and don’t approach a girl until you’ve fixed the problem. I’ve never ran into a woman who likes a smelly guy. Everyone should have a little self respect and take care of their hygiene. Smell can also be a turn  on as well, so invest in soap then that $80 cologne.



Some of you may feel like you’re too smart to be played by a catfish, but the term catfish can apply to finally meeting that guy or girl for Instagram and her personality is the complete opposite of what you assumed. I just feel like you should be honest and keep it 100 at all times. There is no need to be out here faking, you’ll find the right one who accepts you for you, not the 6’2, dark skin gentleman with washboards abs you’re pretending to be.



Cleanliness is next to godliness, is what i always heard old folks saying as I was growing up. This kind of goes hand in hand with hygiene and smell but cleanliness also relates to your home, your car and your appearance. People always say don’t judge a book by its cover but somehow people still do. If you invite a girl over and your place is trashed, or your car smells like open ass and feet, or you can’t seem to find time to wash that pile of dirty dishes from last week TRUST and BELIEVE she wont forget and she will tell her friends how dirty you are.



Whether you’re obsessed with money and that’s all you seem to talk about or you’re cheap as fiinuck. Either way its definitely a turnoff. I know times have changed, women have become more independent, men seem not to know what chivalry is and social media and technology have taken the place of things we use to do, like ringing the doorbell. I don’t expect the guy to pay for everything every time. I feel like you and our date can come to an agreement. But if you asked her out make sure your’e able to pay. On the other hand don’t be that guy bragging about his cars, money and clothes. Strive to be in a relationship where you both can grow and make money.


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