Tumblr Find: Mama & Me Wraps

Where are my queens, naturalists, mothers or soon to be mothers of those beautiful, sun kissed baby girls? This Tumblr Find just warms my heart. Brandi Hargette, founder of Mama & Me Wraps, was inspired to wrap her child’s head after she had extra fabric from crafting a baby carrier and later decided to make one for herself as well. I love the idea of wrapping our crowns but its even cuter to see babies, toddlers, and young girls match their mother’s royalty. Brandi is a very creative individual, selling both solid and printed wraps and soon publishing her first book, Love Notes For Our Daughters. Hargette keeps African based, the names and print she uses for her wraps.  Sets are $23 for two head scarfs and she also accommodates for those who have more than one baby girl. Contact information will be provided below along with photos. Before I close out I want to make it known that Mama & Me Wraps are not just for mothers or women of color. Founder, Brandi Hargette says, “our wraps are not created for an isolated group of people. If you have a head on your shoulders, you have a crown chakra. Thus, by all means – wrap it up! Wear your crown!” My family is patiently waiting for my fifth niece, this upcoming February  and I think I found the perfect gift.

Instagram: MamaAndMeWraps

Facebook: Mama & Me Wraps

Tumblr: MamaAndMeWraps

Email: MamaAndMeWraps@Gmail.com

Founder Brandi & her bay girl Zora

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