Ciara for Vanity Fair



October’s 2015 issue of Vanity Fair features a spread by Markus & Koala, and guess who’s the face, Ciara. I havent been of fan of Ciara’s music since Goodies, so wait I did like Body Party. I must admit she is a great dancer and model. She also seems to be taking the social media slander from her baby’s daddy fans, Future Hive very well. Anyway the jumpsuit I learned is from DSquared and the shoot was styled by Agnieszka Scibior. Here she is for Vanity Fair

3-Ciara-for-Vanity-Fair-Italia-October-2015 1-Ciara-for-Vanity-Fair-Italia-October-2015-700x933 Ciara-for-Vanity-Fair-Italia-October-2015 6-Ciara-by-Markus-Koala-for-Vanity-Fair-Italia-October-2015 7-Ciara-by-Markus-Koala-for-Vanity-Fair-Italia-October-2015


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