A Day of Celebration x Happy Birthday Aaliyah

One of the F.O.U.R. members is celebrating her 21st birthday today and I want to give a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that individual and her twin. Aaliyah and I have known each other since we were toddlers and I honestly thank God for the impact she and her family has had on my life. Balancing two jobs, a stressful college load of engineering and math classes at Cleveland State University and keeping herself maintained I cant be nothing short of proud. Her parents and loving family are apart of the reason her and her twin came to be these ambitious individuals. I’ve never met a family so big for one but so kind, open and loving. Aaliyah is literally a sister to me and I’ve watched her blossom into this hilarious yet dignified young adult with a mound of self respect and such great taste in music.  Cant forget you Arman, Happy Birthday to you as well. Arman is just as ambitious, a poet, gospel rapper, God knows exactly what the future holds for you and we all know its nothing but greatness. People are placed into your life for a reason, and I’m very grateful for my best friend.

With Love,





Wish Aaliyah a HBD

Wish Arman a HBD


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