New Video: Future x Rich $ex

If you read my previous post on Future’s latest video Stick Talk you would know the video was on its way. The video features ex- stripper and entrepreneur Blac Chyna, who we all believe to be Future’s mistress, since she recently got his name tatted on her hand. While all that went down on her Instagram account, Future later tweeted that he was basically single and focused on his music. Whatever their status is, Future and Blac Chyna had a lot of fun shooting this video. The visual released from Future’s Vevo account in honor of #DirtyThursday does the song even more justice. The duo are all hugged up, kissing, touching all in bed. But ladies I must warn you, if you like Future you may be a little heated once you see them playing in bed fencing with their tongues. I cant talk about it anymore y’all I’m at work getting too hot. What has me so is confused is if they are dating. Future has has celebrities, well Instagram in his videos before, The Clermont Twins in Real Sisters and Aaleeyah in Blow A Bag but he aint never did some off the wall make-out scene. I need answers and I know you all do to. But anyways here it is.


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