FOUR, has a group chat and we talk about everything, from ISIS to our plans for Secret Santa. Last night, I fell asleep around six P.M. and woke up to #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies so I had to catch up and look what I came across. Black Twitter had too much fun with this hashtag. The comments and memes are on point, very accurate, every black family can relate. Feel free to share your thoughts and your jokes below.

Happy Thanksgiving

“When your grandma ready to go but nobody want to take her home.”


“That uncle that came by to get a plate so he can go back to work”


“When you 19 and yo auntie telling you to go eat at the kids table with yo cousins”


“When you peel back the foil and all the peach cobbler gone “


“Your grandma’s face when she catches you “listening in on grown folks conversation”


“When that one cousin y’all ain’t seen since July comes out and wraps up 5 plates”


“How long do you have left?” “how’s school going?” “When do you graduate?”


“When ya mom and aunt both bring macaroni and cheese”


“When it’s time to leave and the plate you hid is missing”


“Y’all better fix y’all some to go plates cause I ain’t cooking tomorrow”








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