New Music: Kid Cudi x Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven

Whenever I talk about Cleveland’s own, rapper , actor, musician I like to mention how his sister was FOUR’s eleventh grade math teacher from hell. I think it’s a pretty cool fact to share. So what’s been up with Kid Cudi? I ask myself this question from time to time because if you have followed his man’s career you will find a lot of inconsistency, you’ll find a troubled, confused mind but you’ll also find a man with a big heart who has a lot further to go in his music career. After attending my first Kid Cudi concert at the Wolstein Center about two years ago I learned how dedicated he is to making good music and accommodating all his fans. Recently Kid Cudi announced the release of his new album,and it isn’t Man on the Moon II.  Cudi previously stated he wanted to release a project before the highly anticipated sequel. Set to release this Friday, December 4th, Speedin’ Bulley 2 Heaven will give you new sounds and vibes, probably few features, and a lot of instrumentals leaving you to interpret the story behind the title. With this single and upcoming album, he announced a tour, Especial which was recently cancelled, find out why below and tell me what you think of his new single?

Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven

Here’s why he cancelled


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