Stoner Files: How To Cook With Mary Jane

This post is to share my findings on cannabis cooking. A few months back Snoop Dogg launched a website entitled Merry Jane for his love of cannabis. The website isn’t just about smoking it either. There’s videos, interviews, recipes, and news all relating to this lovely plant.. I love food and I think it’s safe to say I love cannabis as well. I want to venture out and see how lucky I get with cooking with this plant. So below you’ll find recipes, videos, and some things to avoid when you begin cooking. If you’re a true stoner I think this website is for you. There’s even a guide to help you find your nearest dispensary, something helpful for my west coast followers. Once I start cooking I’ll definitely share my results and maybe even my own show, pretty soon marijuana will be legal across the country whether you like it or not. Just wait on it. For all you who are so against it I feel like you should educate yourself, check out all the amazing things medical marijuana is doing for those who suffer from PTSD, cancer and brain trauma. All you need to know is available on Snoop’s new lifestyle media platform.

Stay lit, Chanita






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