Tumblr Find: OffDHookCreations

We all know Tumblr is my favorite social media platform next to Snapchat and I recently came across something so sweet and dear, something your daughter, niece or love one would love. HOME MADE DOLLS. Dee of Bloomington, Minnesota is the face behind these lovely dolls made from acrylic yarns.

About Dee: “I make crochet creations for charities, shelters & various other community resources with the hope of bringing a smile to someone who needs it! Recently, my path changed, making my dolls available for adoption, I began making beautiful browndolls that represent the diverse world around us. This still allows me to donate to local charity organizations and those less fortunate while fulfilling my dream of making a significant difference in the lives of others. ”

I love her designs and I think you all will too. She sells crochet ballerinas, superheroes, mermaids and even different cultural dolls but she never makes the same doll twice. Dee takes custom orders through her Etsy page and Facebook page.( OffDHookCreations) Check out her work below & be sure to follow me on Tumblr @fashionphenomenon

tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go1_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go2_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go3_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go4_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go5_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go6_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go7_540 tumblr_nxxbk1723M1u98a6go9_540


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