Shop: Black Owned Businesses’ This Holiday Season

My dear, dope dressing friend Kenyatta came across a blog post entitled, “30 Black Woman-Owned Online Stores to Shop This Holiday Season.” He thought it would be a dope idea for the blog and I definitely agreed, you all can check it out here. This post which will focus on 10 black owned online businesses that I think will make dope gifts this Christmas. I think it is very important that we support each other being that African Americans have $1.1 trillion in buying power and with power like that we control the market. So lets get into it.

Fredrick Benjamin Grooming

“Highly effective men’s grooming products to cleanse, condition and style multicultural hair. ” This line carries shampoo, conditioner, styling crème, pomade and a lot more gift ideas for the man of the house who may be more concerned about his hair than the woman in the house. Samples start at $5 and the highest item  on the site is $45 for a full set of products.
                                                                                          tumblr_nyuqcejgTx1u98a6go1_1280 tumblr_nyuqcejgTx1u98a6go2_1280tumblr_nyuqcejgTx1u98a6go10_1280
Atlanta artist Khristian A. Howell sells handmade, made to order iPhone cases, custom designed calendars, coasters, pillows, trays and stationary for all the high style Christmas shoppers.  Her designs are full of vibrant and subtle colors and floral, abstract patterns. Items range from $8.50-$55.00.
Bespoke Binny was created by Obenewa of London, England who used her West African roots to create these electrifying patterns for her pillow covers, table runners, aprons, lamp shades, card holders and coin purses. She also sells woven baskets, salad servers and motivational wall décor. Custom orders are available.
tumblr_nl4jb9nzbh1u98a6go10_1280                                              il_570xN.809739603_fapp                                            il_570xN.857536062_rd6t
“Empowering black owned and manufactured clothing designed for infants, children and men. All items are made using high quality 100% organic/fine jersey cotton fit for kings. We are living in a time where black designers are few and black culture is being lost in our youth  as well as communities. Our history as people of color is rich yet hidden from us in many cases, #PHARAOH plans to revive our legacy using fashion.” Pharaoh Clothing carries men’s, women’s,  children’s tees and hats. Prices ranging from $30-$40.


Board  and card games are always a great Christmas gift because the one getting the game cant wait to play and that  brings the family together. “An answer for the culturally curious, Cards For All People makes fun, nostalgia-filled card games that test knowledge of cultural milestones and know-how within popular culture. Spanning history, daily life, and entertainment, our questions based games will spark debate by challenging participant’s wisdom of influential moments, facts and figures.” There’s a Girl’s Night Out edition and a Nerd edition aside the already famous Black Card edition. Games range from $9.99 too $14.00.
                             product-image-02                                                           gno-product-image-02a                                                                                           ncr-preview
My Suited Life is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina where their aim is to, “offer an extraordinary collection of fashion-forward accessories for the dapper crowd. We’re truly dedicated to delivering unique products that will offer flexibility and complement your everyday personal style, no matter the setting, whether casual or professional.” They offer ties, lapels, tie clips and cuff links in every shade and in several different fabrics. Prices range from $4.90 – @24.90. The pictures are ties not socks, lol.
fgd                                                                                        untitledgf                                                                                             untitled
This gift is definitely for all my naturalists women out there. About Dear Naturalista, “Dear Naturalista stocks statement t-shirts, tote bags and mugs designed to celebrate your natural hair. We share your wash day struggles, bow down to your daily selfie slaying and support your desire for world domination. Every item is a love letter to the natural hair experience and you– the woman who proudly rocks her curls, coils and kinks. Dear Natutarlista has been on BuzzFeed, Teen Vogue Naturally Curly and worn by one of our fave natural hair crushes Teyonah Parris.” Prices range from $19.00- $45.50.
tumblr_ny9447H6281u98a6go2_500                                         tumblr_ny9447H6281u98a6go3_500                         tumblr_ny9447H6281u98a6go8_500                                    tumblr_ny9447H6281u98a6go10_500
Akeeba M. of Washington D.C is the mind behind these dope African print clothes and accessories for your little ones. She makes custom orders ranging from $10-$30 and also makes pieces for adults. She has a Etsy shop and begins taking orders this month. Nothing on her site is over $45.50.
tumblr_nz4j2221Fb1u98a6go5_1280                                                          tumblr_nz4j2221Fb1u98a6go8_1280                                                      tumblr_nz4j2221Fb1u98a6go10_1280                                                                                 tumblr_nz4j2221Fb1u98a6go2_500
It seems like the makeup and hair industry is always booming; that’s where the money is, in makeup, bundles and beauty supplies. Kaori Nik makes “vegan light weight lip pigment” that your best friend, girlfriend or sister will love. About Kaori, “Kaori Nik has always provided her clientele with quality services with personalized touches.  In 2013 she set out to produce a vegan light weight lip pigment that both the everyday woman and professional artist could use.  Hand mixing the formula herself, she enjoys giving something personal to the world of beauty.” Products are $9, great stocking stuffers.
fd                                                                                               fd                                                                                        untitled
 Leslie Chapman wants to bring nourishment to your skin and bodies with her cruelty free, handmade bath and body products, while providing clean water to villages overseas. She sales soaps, candles, lip balm, body lotion, body butter, bath salts, and even makes gift sets. Prices range from $3.39- $67.99. Great gift for mom or me, seriously.
749a52_495ba6d135154ffe890fd07fe2146d33                                                                                            749a52_c8d036cf688e4cf3b97cd3099dbe13bb                                                                                          749a52_de25b9eb64304a4d84c26c3fadbf72f2

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