RIP Tamir Rice

Very sad that I am not surprised at the grand jury’s verdict concerning 12 year old Tamir Rice of Cleveland, Ohio. Time after time again it seems we’re fighting a never ending battle with the corrupted system.  Yesterday the grand jury DID NOT indict Timothy Loehmann, a rookie police officer who shot Rice because he was carrying a toy gun. Loehmann, at the time was a rookie police officer and assumed Tamir had a real gun. Shortly after that Twitter began to rage about the injustice in the political system.


I personally don’t understand how someone can justify the actions of police officers, who are here to protect and serve yet they do the complete opposite when it comes to the rights of people of color. There has been numerous deaths were the police have been guilty yet still have not been indicted.  When will the cycle end? When will be stopped being oppressed by society, by the government? This 12-year-old child did not return home to his family that day, neither did Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, or Wendell Allen. Growing up I always heard, “There’s  nothing new under the sun” and in this situation it holds its’ truth. The system was designed to kill us, keep us incarcerated so that we would not prosper or live to see success. It saddens me to see how hurt my people are and how some people could care less about the matter at hand. My prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one due to gun violence, police brutality and any act of unlawfulness.




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