Kehlani for Hunger Magazine

Seems like last year was a great year for R&B, Soul singer Kehlani from Oakland, California. Not only was she nominated for a Grammy after she released her debut mixtape, You Should Be Here in April but she also toured the states and the UK. Kehlani has to be the most normal celebrity I’ve come across. At the age of 20 she takes care of her family and friends and even her fans.  Decorated in colorful tattoos with a sweet, soft voice and goofy personality, Kehlani talks to Hunger Magazine about all her insightful journey. I really can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for this newcomer. Plus its rumored her ans Bryson Tiller have a collab on the way. Check out the article here and the spread below.

KEHLANI_HUNGERTV_06-588x885 KEHLANI_HUNGERTV_01-588x885Kehlani-by-Charlie-Gates-for-Hunger-Magazine3-399x600 Kehlani-by-Charlie-Gates-for-Hunger-Magazine5-422x600 Kehlani-by-Charlie-Gates-for-Hunger-Magazine14-420x600 Kehlani-by-Charlie-Gates-for-Hunger-Magazine21-400x600








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