Tumblr Find: Arrogant Mind Clothing Line

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About 2 weeks ago I did the Polyvore set  below featuring a shirt form a clothing line entitled Arrogant Mind and I wanted to share my findings on this dope line.


About Arrogant Mind

Arrogantmind is an independent brand based out of Bedstuy Brooklyn. Driven by the inspiration to redefine Brooklyn and it surrounding boroughs, a new street wear brand was born. Most of our items are Inspired by the subcultures that many of us are apart of. Artists, painters, journalist, and entrepreneur all have a right to be arrogant. These individuals are stepping out the box; dreaming but yet Creating. Our motto is simple: support those who support you.

Conceived in 2011, but established in September of 2014 with the goal of creating products that our customers would wear. We don’t just make t-shirts,or sweatshirts for you to take a selfie in. We would prefer if you stopped a stranger on the street and have them take the picture for you. Our brand exists because of the generous support of our fans and haters. When wearing one of our items you should be proud, but more importantly confident in the fact that you are wearing an item that we put our heart and sole into. We are for the individual(s) that dare to be different, those who want to stand out in a crowd and be the elephant in the room. If you are that guy or gal please join us in our quest.

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