Styling Inspiration

Do you feel like you never have anything to wear? Or maybe you have things to wear but you need help putting the items together. Maybe you need a place to go for style inspiration or a new place to shop. Don’t you get tired of seeing other people dressed like you when you go out?  Whatever your case is, I’m here to help  you and all your fashion styling needs. Fashion for me, comes natural. Not only do I study and live in the fashion world on a daily basis but I design, model and sell my own fashion items. This post is for those who may not be as fashion inclined as others and may need a little assistance from time to time. Stop buying your clothing off Instagram & Wish,where the clothing runs to small and too thin and let me help style you.

Here’s a list of sites I like to use for fashion inspiration:

If you have a favorite clothing line, for example Pink Dolphin and Nasty Gal, take a look at the designer’s lookbooks each season. I can always draw style inspiration from lookbooks. Lookbooks are exactly what they sound like. Google defines it as  set of photographs displaying a fashion designer’s new collection, assembled for marketing purposes. Most of these sets are available online and have plenty of looks archived and available. Some sites like Nasty Gal and F21 make it easier for the consumer and sorts their lookbooks by theme opposed to season and allows you to shop within that lookbook.


Pink Dolphin Spring 2016


Free Fall x Nasty Gal

So if those sites don’t help and your favorite clothing line’s lookbooks don’t either then take a look at my Polyvore page updated weekly with different styling sets and collections. Each each I will feature two sets of “What To Wear” “Celebrity Style” or “Outfit of The Day” to better assist you. Take a look at what I’ve done in the past. As of now I don’t focus  much on styling men due to me not getting request, but that can always change. If you’re interested feel free to comment below. Hope I helped.

tumblr_o2g6sbH9EW1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o2svgzh3kj1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o35z25HDAP1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o36fc8qeyg1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o3s38a6Beu1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o3sf7hzeOO1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o415pppTkk1qcm06do1_540 tumblr_o418s7yRtb1qcm06do1_540

With Love,



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